Let’s alleviate some stress

and start to finally get 


Did you anticipate the thousands of hats you’d have to wear every.single.day to get your business off the ground? 

Overwhelming sometimes, isn’t it?  

You know you’d benefit from CFO or COO level help, but who can afford one full-time in house? 

We know exactly how this feels.  

We’ve been there. And we can help.

Who We Are

 It is my goal to help you bring balance to your books, and your life. To help you alleviate the immense pressure, endows stress and overwhelm that’s been weighing you down and start building you a clear roadmap to get to moving towards the future you desire. 

Just like you have a passion for what you do, we are passionate about what we do. At AHEAD, we’ve got a unique viewpoint, background, experience and a true understanding of the financial workings and organizational systems a business needs at the very foundation so that growth can be exponential and smooth moving forward.

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